How does it work?

Your organization is a vital part of your community. You make an important contribution. People want to see you succeed. Whether yours is an economic development organization, a chamber of commerce, a youth group, a school, or some other group that creates value within your community, there are a number of individuals, businesses, and organizations that already support you—and for the most part, you know who they are. But we know how to find another, deeper layer of supporters, who will step up for the right kind of recognition and association with your organization.

Using a professional, consultative approach, our business development consultants work to financially engage your supporters through sponsorship, enabling you to produce an effective online, print, and social media campaign— usually at no cost to you— while our award-winning creative team crafts your story, giving it voice through expert photography, copywriting, design, and multimedia development. 

Through the process of sponsoring your storytelling campaign, we typically secure a portion of your supporters’ funding to offset your ongoing operational expenses as a revenue share. This can amount to anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands, depending upon your audience and message.